Unlocking Ikigai: A Journey to Purposeful Living

A course by Ikigai Lab
Pagoda in Gray Scale Shot

Explore the profound Japanese concept of ikigai with a comprehensive understanding of the 1,000 year old philosophy, its historical roots, and practical steps to design your own Ikigai Roadmap. Designed for professionals seeking a deeper sense of purpose in both their personal and professional lives, the course challenges the common misconceptions and exploring its true essence beyond the incorrect, but popularized Venn diagram. You will embark upon a transformative journey to align values, talents, and energy with greater intentionality and purpose to live your ikigai.

MODULE 1: Introduction to Ikigai

  • *Understanding Ikigai
  • *The History and Evolution of Ikigai
  • *The Ikigai Myth

MODULE 2: Designing Your Ikigai Roadmap

  • *Preparing For Your Ikigai Journey
  • *Life as a Symphony
  • *The Ikigai Pyramid Model
  • *Values Discovery
  • *Talents, Strengths, and Flow
  • *The Six Life Dimensions of Ikigai
  • *Crafting a Personal Ikigai Statement.

MODULE 3: Implementing Your Ikigai Roadmap

  • *IKIGAI S.M.A.R.T.
  • *Finding Your Moai: A Purpose-Driven Community
  • *Living Your Ikigai

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